Happy Friday, here’s a poem I recently came across written by Chris Green

My angel of the waters

My angel of the waters Dancing in the flame beneath a flickered candle’s light Moving between shadows on the floor My every thought now focused on the beauty I have seen Standing present on a distant shore

Gentle waves do drench her skin, to shimmer soft and sweet As walls I find about me steadfast true With only but this window do I witness every need This vision that does flood my mind of you

Delicate the grains of sand which capture where you are Upon the golden wings of whispered pleas While I alas, do fight the ways that keep me ever gone Now praying as I fall upon my knees

My angel of the waters with the breezes in your hair Feel this love which flows upon the wind There atop a rainbow near a lighthouse proudly stands Beginnings that I cherish once again Cast apart these shackles which so tightly hold me down Bound about my feet so I shan’t flee Solid is the lock it seems now forged of hardened dreams Yours is but the love which holds the key

Free me with your crescent smile as bright as any moon Place your eyes upon this tear stained face Take me by the hand and lead me far away from here Hand in hand along the shore to trace

We shall leave our footprints on the coast that you call home Rows of two now stretching far and wide Open up your wings so I may fall into your heart Lock my love away so deep inside

Good Night Soupers
Have a great weekend
See you again on Monday

Written By Chris Green