Quick Post: Take a Break

Over the summer, I got a chance to watch Hamilton in NYC twice with my lovely wife Megan. It was truly a treat, and that is saying a lot because I generally don’t relate well to musicals. These days, when we take a long car ride as a family, I really like listening to the soundtrack in sequential order. There are a ton of themes in Hamilton, written from the perspective of the American Revolution, which I feel like I can personally relate to. To me this is the genius of how the story is told – everyone can find something to relate to. It is also really cool that Lin-Manuel Miranda is from Puerto Rico and I am really looking forward to his special shows in PR in about a year’s time. We will definitely be going to at least a couple of them.

Anyways, the theme that really hit me today was Taking a Break. In the show, it is Alexander Hamilton taking a break from work to spend some time with his wife and kids. This hits me every time I hear it because I am constantly working, usually doing research for new trade ideas for my investment fund, SG3 Capital. It’s quite a conundrum for me, and getting work-family balance is really difficult in our house. I must say, I owe a lot to my wife who “gets it” and is so supportive of me managing my own fund.

In any event, this weekend I managed to spend nearly the whole weekend with the most beautiful woman in the world and the Minions, and while I didn’t get a ton of sleep, it was well worth it. We got to go out to a really nice dinner at The Dutch in Miami, which managed to combine the best of The Dutch in NYC which is an old brunch favorite of ours, and Andrew Carmellini’s best (in my humble opinion) restaurant in New York, Locanda Verde, where my wife generously threw me a lavish 30th birthday party in their private room nearly 4 years ago. While Miami is quite the scene this week with Art Basel in town, The Dutch managed to serve up an awesome meal with service to match.

Saturday and Sunday were all kids all the time. They woke both mornings at the crack of dawn and were NON-STOP! We managed to make the most of a rainy day by going to Just 4 Fun, and it was insane on a Saturday afternoon. While I hate crowds like that, I am glad we found the place because the kids had a blast and there is one in Puerto Rico! On Sunday we went to a mall and managed to find some great deals. We did have a plan to make it to Chuck E. Cheese, but luckily that didn’t happen – can you envision that place on a Sunday afternoon?

Now of course, I am back in the office working… but it was good to TAKE A BREAK. Now if I can just get a full nights sleep…

Note: I plan to get back to the serious topics in my last post on Humanity as soon as possible, but I might not get the time with the holidays right around the corner.